5 Food Delivery Options in Ibadan to Try Out Today

Published on: September 7, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Food is one thing that unifies every living being. Everybody eats. While eating is always pleasurable and enjoyable, cooking it might not always be. Everybody has those days where they just want to be treated like royalty, kick their feet up, and eat some ready-made and tasty food they didn't have to slave over. Well, if you live in Ibadan or you're just visiting and need a food delivery service, I have good news for you.

Below are 5 food delivery options you should consider trying out today in Ibadan:

1. Otaku Chows

Otaku Chows Ibadan food delivery services Otaku Chows Ibadan food delivery services

Food is art, and Otaku Chows is proof. For the anime lovers among us and even those who aren't, Otaku Chows brings you something to spice up your day (literally), Ibadan's very own anime-themed food service, that delivers right to your doorstep.

From the Asian-inspired takeout boxes, to the actual food names, Otaku Chows really does get you in your feelings, and of course, leaves you satisfied yet craving more all at once. Has to be a superpower if you ask me. And what's more, not only does the taste take you to paradise and back, every item on their menu is affordable.

So whether you're in the mood for some Chow mein, or some mouth-watering barbeque, Otaku Chows has you covered. All you need to do is save up their contact, and hit them up on WhatsApp for food delivery service in Ibadan. Don't sleep on it, your belly will definitely thank you. Do itashimite! Whatever that means.

2. Chef Kabs

From the name alone, you already know something big is cooking. To make all your pasta dreams come true, call on Chef Kabs and you can have your food delivered to you. Spaghetti and asun, spaghetti and turkey, spaghetti and fish, spaghetti and meatballs... Chef Kabs gives pasta a whole new meaning, almost as if you've never eaten spaghetti before.

Chef Kabs Ibadan food delivery Chef Kabs Ibadan food delivery

Every bite takes you to another world where there's only bliss. Well, bliss and Chef Kabs. It doesn't stop there. Chef kabs also offers tasty dishes like ofada rice and Basmati rice on special days of the week. Chef kabs puts together gift trays and food baskets for loved ones as well, for those of us who can never think of the perfect gift. So what exactly are you waiting for? Place that order! You know you're hungry.

3. Olly's Doughnuts

When there's a roll call for doughnuts that went to Harvard, Olly's doughnuts answers first, and without competition. We just hearkened to the cry of pasta lovers, but for lovers of pastry, I have just the thing for you too - doughnuts with jam filling, nutella filling, cheese cream filling and even oreo cookies and cream filling.

Olly Doughnuts Ibadan Olly Doughnuts Ibadan

The highly delectable and decadent goodness that is Olly's doughnuts might just be able to mend a broken heart. You thought doughnuts were just a snack? Olly's Doughnuts took offence and turned it into a whole meal. A whole meal in its own league. Picture the succulent and fresh floury delicacy melting in your mouth, as the nutella trickles down your lips, and in that very moment, your brain experiences a sensory overload from way too much pleasure. Can't imagine? Then a trial should convince you.

4. Tori's kitchen (aka Tori's Shawarma)

Numbers don't lie, they say, but neither do reviews. Best known for their rich, creamy and filling shawarma, Tori's Kitchen might not be a jack of all trades, but they're definitely a master of this one. There are shawarma vendors at almost every turn, but Tori's shawarma is just legendary.

Tori's Kitchen ibadan Tori's Kitchen

Perhaps the secret ingredient is kindness, because their team has to be one of the most courteous there are. Tori's shawarma offers you variety, depending on your preference, at prices so cheap, it's almost ridiculous. Tori's kitchen also makes available small chops, stir fry and ofada upon request. Don't miss out, call 07054995815 for some life-changing shawarma today with their food delivery service in Ibadan.

5. Street Grills

For street grills, words can never do justice. Street Grills is the home of everything barbecued and roasted. From barbecued fish, to barbecued turkey, whatever can be barbecued, Street Grills does it.

Street Grills food delivery service Ibadan

The signature dish that has people hooked though, has to be their "Boli" specials, and who doesn't love some fantastically roasted plantain dipped in savory protein stuffed sauce ? Street Grills also makes available platters and trays for small gatherings or for those of us who just have really huge appetites. Their pre-order hours run from 8 am to 2 pm, so make your food delivery order early, so you can get your scrumptious meal early.