5 Essential Skills For Nigerian Students

Published on: April 27, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

It is imperative for undergraduates to possess certain skills while still in school. These skills would be the tools that will help them succeed in school and career. This post highlights 5 essential skills for Nigerian students that would prepare them for the current and future demands of the labor market.

It is advisable for Nigerian students to equip themselves with these skills and knowledge before venturing out. These skills include both personal development and professional development skills.

In other to be able to manage the rigorous demands of academic life, students should practice skills such as: time management, money management, stress management and study skills. These would enable them to effectively navigate their academic session without detriment to their physical and mental wellbeing.

Students should also develop communication, critical thinking and collaborative skills. These are essential skills to have both as an undergraduate or as an employee or entrepreneur.

Below is a list of essential skills for Nigerian students:

1. Time management

Due to the rigorous schedules in Nigerian universities, students need to know how to effectively manage their time in such a way that social activities do not affect their academic activities and vice versa. With the demanding schedule, it is important to manage one’s activities in such a way that is not detrimental to the mental and physical wellbeing of the student.

In order to effectively manage your time, you should keep a manual or digital calendar to highlight your activities for different days. This calendar will include class schedules, a study timetable and other important social appointments.

Students should also have a ‘’to do’’ list with all the list of tasks, appointments and deadlines, each task should be crossed out once they have been completed. It is important to schedule in time for rest in your calendar in order to keep refreshed from the overwhelming demand of academic life.

2. Research Skills

The art and science of carrying out a proper research is something every student should master. This will help with writing essays, dissertations and research projects needed for the completion of the academic program. Students should learn how to properly write in the academic format. This inludes the use of references and finding and extraction of relevant information needed to write essays and dissertations.

3. Computer Literacy

Essential skills for Nigerian students - Computer literacy

This is one of the most essential skills for Nigerian students. Survival in the academics, and professional career depends on it. In an age where everything has gone digital it is important to have more than basic knowledge of the use of the computer and major applications.

Students should train themselves and effectively master the use of application software programs such as Microsoft Word. This will be useful when writing essays, projects and dissertations. Knowledge in the use of Excel application, SPSS and PowerPoint will also enable students to know how to organize data, carry out analysis and organize presentations.

For students in the computer science department, they should go further by picking up skills in software design, website creation coding and UI/UX designs. The knowledge of these skills will not only help them excel in the academic sector but also in their various careers.

4 Entrepreneurship skills

It is essential for students to engage in activities that help in expanding their skill set. A part of this is picking up one entrepreneurship skill or the other. Other than relying on the dwindling employment sector, students should learn entrepreneurial skills that will act as sustenance before they can get jobs.

These skills also serve as alternate sources of income apart from whatever they get from their parents or guardians. Entrepreneurial skills also help in teaching values that most employers are looking for in their employees.

Adaptability, problem-solving, creativity, resilience and determination are skills gained in entrepreneurship that students need to have in order to succeed in the competitive job market. Students can take advantage of school curriculums, online courses and internships that help develop entrepreneurial skills.

5. Leadership skills

This is one of the character traits that is most looked out for by employers in the job market. Inasmuch as it is important for students to learn how to work collaboratively and in groups, it is also important for them to develop good leadership skills. This will teach them accountability and make them able to take charge of difficult situations when necessary.

To become a good leader, one has to have mastered several other important skills. Such skills include collaboration, communication, self-motivation, commitment, ethics, accountability, reliability, discipline and professionalism.