5 Delicious dishes you can make with plantain

Published on: January 19, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Plantain can get boring if all you do with it is fry some 'dodo'. I mean, there are so ways to explore and enjoy the rich taste of this food than to stick with one all the days of your life. I will share with you recipes for 5 Delicious dishes you can make with plantain.

In Nigeria, we're probably used to eating our plantain as dodo or boli. That's about to change now. You are about to discover other options that could make you go crazy for plantain. Joking. Please don't go crazy. Just enjoy it.

So, let's get to it. Let's talk about 5 delicious dishes you can make with plantain.

1. Plantain frittata

5 delicious dishes you can make with plantain

Plantain frittata is like a good mix of fried plantain and omelette. The end result would have you think that you are looking at plantain pizza, without the cheese.

Plantain frittata is kind of a healthy way to eat fried plantain and eggs. So, get ready to bake.

To start with, slice the plantain and fry it till it's golden yellow. In a separate bowl, whisk some eggs. Add some veggies, shredded chicken or beef (depending on your preference). Add seasonings as well. Pour the egg mix in a non-stick pan and add the cooked plantain into it. Ensure that the plantain slices are spread across the pan. Bake for about 10 minutes or until you think the egg is well cooked. There you go! Your plantain frittata is ready. Enjoy!

2. Plantain pudding

Plantain moi moi

Plantain pudding can actually be called plantain moi moi. The process is quite similar to making moi moi as well. It is made with overripe plantain.

Cut the plantain into chunks and put it in a blender. Add some water, pepper, onion and crayfish. Blend till you get a smooth paste. Pour the plantain paste into a bowl. Add plantain flour to make the paste thick. Add some palm oil, salt and other seasonings of choice. Pour the mix into a nylon or banana leaves (just like moi moi). Put it in a pot, add some water and cook for 25 minutes. Pretty much simple, right?

3. Plantain sandwich

Plantain sandwich

Like every other sandwich, plantain sandwich allows you to put as many stuffings as you want in it.

Slice a finger of plantain into two halves, but ensure you don't slice it all the way down. That way, your plantain sandwich will stick together easily. Then roast for about 10 minutes. This gives your sandwich a crunchy taste. Get some ground meat, tomatoes, onion, bell pepper and seasoning. Pre-cook this mix and put it in between the roasted plantain slices. Add some cheese if you want, and bake for about 5 minutes. That's it!

4. Plantain pancakes

Plantain pancake

If you are a lover of pancakes, here's something that you should consider adding to your pancake collection. It's called plantain pancakes.

To make plantain pancakes, you need overripe plantains. Blend the plantain and pour into a bowl. Add eggs, flour, milk and sugar (optional because the overripe plantain is expected to be sweet on its own). Pour the batter in bits in a greased non-stick pan. Cook each set for about 2 minutes or until it becomes hard.

5. Plantain rolls

Plantain rolls

Finally on the list is plantain rolls.

To make plantain rolls, cut some chicken, turkey or bacon (depending on your preference) into thin slices. Add some seasoning and leave it to marinate.

Take a finger of plantain and cut it into tiny, long rolls. Wrap the marinated chicken or bacon around the plantain rolls. Roast or bake for about 10 minutes. Enjoy with any favourite dip of your choice.

There you go, guys. Which of these plantain dishes will you try first?