5 Covid-19 Safety Tips for Nigerian Businesses

Published on: March 13, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Important Covid-19 Safety Tips for Nigerian Businesses
5 Important Covid-19 Safety Tips for Nigerian Businesses

Many things have changed in the way business is conducted as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. This post is about covid-19 safety tips for Nigerian Businesses. You would particularly find this post useful if you are a Nigerian entrepreneur.

The Covid-19 safety tips in this post will show you how to implement safety tips in your business or place of work. Your place of work or business could be a shop, store, restaurant, etc. When considering Covid-19 safety tips, please note that it is important to follow all government regulations or guidelines on safety tips particularly in regard to lockdowns. This post assumes that you are allowed to conduct your business and offers safety tips for Covid-19 prevention and spread.

Below are 5 Covid-19 safety tips for Nigerian businesses:

1. Clean and disinfect your place of business regularly

Clean and disinfect your place of business regularly

According to the World Health Organization, cleaning and disinfection is quite important in eliminating and reducing spread of the corona virus. Places of business particularly require more thorough cleaning and disinfection because they are more likely to be visited by many people during the day. This is why you should try to clean as many times as possible during business hours. Also at the close of business, you should make a thorough cleaning.

By cleaning your place of business regularly, you are also sending a tacit message to your customers that you are able to maintain a high standard of hygiene.

2. Provide hand sanitizer for customers or clients

Provide hand sanitizer for customers or clients

This is one of the most important Covid-19 safety tips for businesses. Many people don’t carry sanitizers with them often but would be willing to use one if available. You should also try to keep the hand sanitizers at optimal places. In particular, you should keep one at the entrance of your place of business just right before the entry. This way, your customers or clients would be able to use the hand sanitizer before entering.

If possible, get one of those sanitizers that automatically dispense without touch. The less contact the better.

3. Make provision for face masks at your place of business

Make provision for face masks at your Nigerian place of business

Although, it is interesting to see that more and more people are endeavouring to wear face masks in public in light of the pandemic. However some people might forget to wear masks. While you may think sending customers without face masks away is a good hygiene measure, you would offend many customers in the process. You would even lose customers by adopting the wrong approach towards hygiene. Instead of sending customers away, why not offer them masks?

Like with the hand sanitizer, the masks need to be placed at an optimal place. Best place would be just right at the entry to your place of business. This way, potential customers who are not wearing masks would be able to pick one up at a safe distance before coming close to other people in your business premises.

4. Ensure safe distance of at least 1 metre between people at your place of business

Ensure that your place of business does not get crowded and there is safe distance between people. For instance, if you have a restaurant, ensure that the chairs and tables are not too close. Allow a space of at least one metre.

5. Observe personal hygiene measures and train your staff as well

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are more vigilant about hygiene than ever. This is why as a Nigerian business owner, you need to personally observe hygiene measures. Here are some dos and dont’s in regard to personal hygiene:

  • Avoid coughing in your hands. Cough into a bent elbow if you need to cough.
  • Keep a sanitizer close to you and use it quite often: this is particularly important if your business involves cash transactions or food.
  • Avoid unnecessary physical contact such as handshakes.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.
Wash your hands regularly
Wash your hands regularly

If you have employees, you should also train them to observe the Covid-19 safety tips for Nigerian businesses. By implementing Covid-19 safety tips, your business would continue to prosper without setback. Wish you all the best in your business and stay safe!