4 Wedding Trends of 2021 in Nigeria

Published on: April 6, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Wedding trends are nice and fun because when it comes to planning your special day, you want to do everything right. Not only do you want to look fabulous, meet with other family members and trends, enjoy some nice time and meals but also plan one of the best weddings in your time. Knowing the wedding trends per time just gives you an incredible guide to planning a breath-taking ceremony. This post highlights 4 wedding trends of 2021 in Nigeria.

Wedding trends of 2021 in Nigeria - couple getting married
Wedding Trends of 2021 in Nigeria

Although 2020 was a year filled with uncertainties as far as wedding trends are concerned. I mean, with the coronavirus and lockdown in place, there weren't so many weddings in town. However, lots of exciting trends seem to be emerging in 2021. For instance, Zoom wedding is now quite popular.

1. Outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding is one the the wedding trends in Nigeria in 2021

Before now, most people idolized the thought of destination weddings. Now, however, bringing the destination home is something everyone wants to do. As a result, there's been a lot of outdoor/garden weddings.

Outdoor weddings are one of the top wedding trends of 2021 in Nigeria. Outdoor wedding allows you to aesthetically implement the beauty of nature in your wedding. With the right kind of florals, plants and lightings, you'd be surprised how much an ordinary space can turn into the best beautifully decorated outdoor event space you can imagine.

One health advantage of the outdoor wedding trend, it's easier to observe social distancing, making it safe for guests in compliance with health guidelines for Covid 19.

Here's something intriguing about outdoor weddings- the pictures. They are to-die-for.

2. Micro wedding

Micro weddings has become one of the wedding trends of 2021 in Nigeria, thanks to corona.

You know, in Nigeria, most people really enjoy throwing big parties for their wedding, inviting as many people as possible. Now, with the micro wedding trend, you can create an intimate wedding guest list, sharing your best moments with your loved ones.

3. Weekday wedding

For years, people tied the knot mostly on the weekends, Saturdays particularly. However, one of the fast-rising trends this year is getting wedded during weekdays; any day from Mondays to Thursdays.

Here's the thing with weekdays wedding, they are more budget-friendly. Most wedding vendors offer more affordable services during the week because fewer people get married during the week, unlike the weekend where there are so many people fighting for their attention.

Also, organizing a weekday wedding makes it easy to trim your guest list because most people have to be at work. So, if you are bothered about offending people because you don't want to invite them to your wedding. Well, here's an idea: organize a weekday wedding. That way, you'll have only the people that matter the most to you at your wedding. And if you feel like carrying everyone else along, you could create a Zoom link so that they could be a part of the celebration virtually.

4. Mini wedding cakes

Mini wedding cakes have started trending in Nigeria

You know how people used to like to get a 3 tier cake for their wedding? Well, not so much anymore.

You see, mini wedding cakes are one of the new wedding trends in Nigeria making it into the heart of a few Nigerians. Here's the thing; getting the cake to go round is the goal, right? So, how about making mini cakes that can be served easily? This cake trend makes guests feel special, having a cake of their own.

So, guys, which of these wedding trends would you love to try as a Nigerian?