4 ways to celebrate Valentine's day in Nigeria

Published on: February 10, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

I know you think getting your partner a bunch of nice smelling flowers and a box of chocolate is what valentine is all about, but here in Nigeria, it’s a little different. Valentine’s day is no ordinary day, so we celebrate with our loved ones by doing a few romantic things. So, if you are wondering how to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s day with your Nigerian spouse, well, sit tight. You are about to find out 4 ways to celebrate Valentine's day in Nigeria and get some ideas in the process.

4 ways to celebrate Valentine's day in Nigeria

4 ways to celebrate Valentine's day in Nigeria

For Nigerians, valentine’s day is a way to show love, express it by buying gifts for their partners, and of course, getting gifts and other romantic gestures in return.

Note that even though Nigerians mostly celebrate Valentine's day with and for their spouses, they also do with their family members.

Let me also tell you that beyond the gifts that you give to your loved ones is the experience that you create with them. This is something most Nigerians value. So, let’s get to it already.

4 ways to celebrate Valentine's day in Nigeria:

1. Send gifts to your spouse at their place of work

send gift to your Nigerian partner's place of work on Valentine's day

Everyone likes to feel special and cared for. More importantly, we all like to show off to the world and everyone around us the amazing things that we have. For instance, when we buy a new car, we want to take pictures with it and post it on social media so that everyone can see it. It makes us feel good and proud of ourselves. This exact feeling is what people get when their spouse send gifts to them at their place of work where everyone around them can see. It’s like showing to the world that they have a perfect relationship with their spouse.

So, if you are thinking of one way to celebrate this year’s valentine with your significant other, then this is an idea I promise you’d be glad you considered.

2. Spend the evening in a spa

If a cosy experience with your spouse is something that you are considering, then this is one of the ideas that you should be considering. You can choose to go to a spa clinic or have a masseuse or masseur come over to your home to give you both a message.

If you choose to go get it done in a spa, then you can just easily look up some of the great spas in Nigeria online. A majority of them have great spa deals and gift cards that you can opt for.

3. Go to the movies

Go to the cinema with your Nigerian partner on Valentine's day

A good day to visit the movies is on valentine’s day in Nigeria. There are usually a couple of new movies at the cinema. Plus, most of the movies viewed at the cinema around this period are love and romantic movies. I’m pretty sure that will be great for your night.

4. Plan a romantic in-house dinner on Valentine's day

Have a romantic dinner with your Nigerian partner on Valentine's day

Have you considered planning a romantic in-house dinner for your partner on valentine's day in Nigeria? It’s one of the romantic things to do. I’d mostly suggest this for men because most women are not used to the idea of men cooking or setting up a romantic dinner. You can either cook the meal yourself or make an order. However, the most important thing isn’t just the food, it’s how you set the house. So, go get your candles, music and of course, the meal, turn off the light and call your partner into the room. I’m pretty sure they’d be shocked because they thought Valentine's day was going to end without a gift or any romantic gesture from you.

That’s it, guys. Try one of the 4 ways to celebrate valentine's day in Nigeria mentioned above and you would have a memorable valentine's day experience.