2021 WAEC Examination Preparation Tips

Published on: February 7, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

2021 WAEC Examination Preparation Tips
10 Preparation tips for 2021 WAEC examination candidates

The pressure of an upcoming examination is something that almost everyone has faced, and many are still facing today. West African Examinations Council (WAEC) exam is one of the most common causes of examination fever in students, and many fail due to inadequate or improper preparation. In this post, I will give you 2021 WAEC examination preparation tips.

WAEC exam should not be taken with levity as it would determine and set the course of the futures of many, being the foundation for gaining admission into higher institutions. This is why many people feel the pressure and weight of the exam as they prepare for it. No doubt, the many stories of past failure and difficulty can put anyone on edge. Nevertheless, with adequate and proper preparation, you won't need to face the full brunt of WAEC examination pressure.

Below are 2021 WAEC examination preparation tips for candidates:

1. Start studying early for your 2021 WAEC examination

Ever heard of the saying “make hay while the sun shines”? Well, that applies to exams too. It simply means that you should do important things early enough, before it gets too late. Many WAEC examination candidates make the mistake of waiting till the last moment before they start studying for the exam. Doing this places a huge burden on the brain, leaving the candidate stressed out and feeling pressured.

The best time to start studying for WAEC examination is within 7 to 8 months prior to the exam date. Once it's four months to the exam date, you should begin revising. You will find that it's much easier to retain information as less burden is placed on the brain.

2. Use a timetable for studying

Create a study timetable for your WAEC exam
Create a study timetable for your WAEC exam

Try creating a timetable to work with. Creating a timetable is an excellent idea. This not only helps you organize yourself and save more time, you also get to evenly distribute your attention across all subjects. Create a timetable and stick to it. It might be a bit difficult to stay consistent, but it is highly important that you discipline yourself to remain consistent. Doing this will ensure that you do not slack off, and helps retain information.

3. Use the WAEC syllabus for 2021

The WAEC syllabus is like a written guide to help students focus on what's most important. Check the topics listed in the syllabus and work with them. Doing so would prevent you from wasting time on unnecessary topics and ensure that you cover your subjects much faster.

4. Take a Mock exam

It's advisable for candidates to take a mock exam before the actual examination. Mock exams are a copy of the real thing. Taking a mock exam gives you the feel of the WAEC examinations standard, and helps you get rid of any tension. It's also a good way to practice and test your knowledge on what you've read so far.

5. Study WAEC examination past questions

Practice with WAEC exam past questions
Practice with WAEC exam past questions

This is highly important if you don't want to read amiss. Past questions will help you understand how the questions are set, the topics that come out most, and questions that are repeated every year. You'll also understand the structure of WAEC examination, and easily tackle difficult questions that are repeated.

6. Try to avoid cramming

Cramming isn't a good decision for anyone writing an external exam. WAEC examination questions are usually not repeated in the same way each year, so if you cram, you might find yourself at a disadvantage. Try to understand what you are reading. Doing so will ensure that you are able to answer questions however confusing it may seem.

7. Practice over again

The best way to ensure that information remains fresh in your memory is to keep practicing. Study the past question, answer questions, check the answers for what you don't know, and practice again.

8. Be determined to pass your WAEC examination in 2021

Develop a strong will and a mindset of success. This will ensure that you remain focused and don't slack off. Try your best to pass in one sitting. Decide in your heart that you will not retake the WAEC exam again and you will pass it in 2021. Visualize your success, and according to the law of attraction, whatever you speak and envision will come to you.

9. Never engage in examination malpractice

According to stats, the majority of people who get good results did not engage in any form of malpractice. Examination malpractice is a delusion, and a distraction. It could also put you onto trouble.

Do your best to study as much as you can and try as much as possible to pass. Do not depend on people who promise to give you answers before the WAEC exams, as they are all looking to rip you off your money. Questions cannot be obtained before the exam day.

10. Join study groups with other 2021 WAEC examination candidates

Join WAEC examination study groups
Join WAEC examination study groups

There are many study groups online that you can join. They will help you stay focused and make you consistent. You can join online forums that are created for the sole purpose of preparing for WAEC examination. There are also groups on various social media sites that you can join. These groups make you accountable and relieves you of some exam pressure as you will be studying along with others.

Remember, consistency is key. You might not be a top student, but if you practice the 2021 WAEC examination preparation tips above, you should be able to pass your papers in flying colours.