20 Christian Apps Every Christian Should Have

Published on: July 1, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Christian apps you should have

20 Apps Every Christian Should Have

Most Christians find it difficult to spend time with God. Most people can't read the Bible without getting bored or sleepy.

Procrastination, in particular, has hindered a lot of people from getting to know God better. Thank God for technology, because we now have mobile applications that can help us strengthen our relationship with God.

Below are some Christian apps you should consider today

1. YouVersion Holy Bible

It is a mobile Bible app owned by Life Church. This Christian app is non-denominational and can be used by any type of Christian.

It is not only a Bible, but it also includes devotions in the form of plans that focus on various aspects of life.

It has subjects on anxiety, marriage, dating, work, leadership, and much more. A person can pick a plan to focus on daily. The plans are inexhaustible because they are many.

There is a community where you can add friends who also use the Bible app. There is a section for prayers. You can make a prayer list and also keep an account of the prayers already answered.

The app has a button for a prayer reminder you can set to help you remember when to pray.

When you open the app each day, there is always a verse apportioned for the day you can read and a story to watch. This story is in the form of a message which is preached by different pastors. 

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2. Names and titles of God

This specific app was created by yasiga ICTHub. The app has a compiled list of over 900 names and titles of God in relation to His character.

We can also get the meanings of these names and the Bible passages where they were used.

It has a table of content to organize the names and also make your search easier. It also has a reading plan and a Bible. It is important to know the various names God has to help us in praying.

When we call Him by these names, we glorify Him. 

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3. God's not dead

Just like in the movies and the book by Rice Brooks. This app gives evidence of the existence of God. It provides answers to those in doubt of God's existence.

The app contains resources that equip believers with the necessary knowledge needed to share their faith. Daily messages are also sent to encourage believers to keep their faith in God. 

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4. She reads truth

This app is specifically made for women. It is an online community where women read the Bible together and communicate with each other.

The app has a section called "plans" where there are numerous topics for each day. It has a Bible section, a note section, a bookmark feature, and a lock screen feature. 

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5. God promises—blessings, deliverance, breakthrough

This app has over 1,600 Bible verses for every need and also topics for virtually all areas of life. It has a note feature, and for any topic you need, the scripture can be found in the app.

This app is important because it reminds us of the promises of God, which we all need, especially in times of difficulty. 

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6. Whispers from God by Christian meditation Inc

It is a Christian meditation app and a daily devotional. It was designed to align the mind with God's word.

There are different meditation topics ranging from addiction, anxiety, faith, fear, hope, and lots more.

It has a journal section and a connected community that allows users to communicate and share with others. They send daily encouragement from the word of God.

Meditation helps overcome anxiety, fear, e.t.c. It also helps you fall asleep more peacefully.

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7. Gospel flix- Christian movies

This app allows users to watch Bible movies and listen to Christian songs and sermons.

It has a LiveTV feature that includes channels where live content can be streamed. The app has a radio station and a meditation feature.

The movie section allows you to watch your favorite Christian movies. The sermon includes messages from different preachers.

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8. TBN: Watch TV live & on demand 

It is the most-watched faith channel and the largest Christian TV network.

It has different faith channels where sermons by different speakers can be streamed and downloaded. There is a section for listening to music.

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9. IDisciple

It is an app designed to help believers on their spiritual journey with Christ. They have various interests in different areas of life.

There is a Bible feature and devotional. The app also offers sermons from different speakers. 

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10. Prayermate

This is an app designed specifically for prayers. It has a prayer list section where all your prayer requests could be written.

There are also ready-made prayers for the church, family, personal development, and general biblical playlist. Another amazing feature is the reminder alarm you can set. 

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11. Abide -Christian meditation

It is a Christian meditation tool that guides you to daily spiritual meditation. It helps ease stress and makes a person sleep better. It has a daily meditation feature for each day.

There is a sleep feature where Bible stories, music, and fictional stories are available. There is also a topic section that talks about different life's troubles and how to overcome them.

The app is also customizable, so you can plan a schedule to either pray or meditate. 

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12. First 5

An app designed to teach the word of God briefly before engaging in the activities of the day. It enables a person to study the Bible chapter by chapter.

You can also select a study plan. There is a "create and join" feature where users can discuss.

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13. Edifi Christian podcast player

It is a collection of different Christian podcasts by numerous pastors, authors, musicians, e.t.c. The podcasts are in sections; there is Bible study, news, women, leadership, lifestyle, and music.

The good thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them while engaging in your various activities. 

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14. All Christians radio stations app- Gospel live 

It has a collection of different Christian radio stations and also a gospel live radio station.

The app comprises an audio Bible feature, hymns, instrumentals, news and lots more. It also makes it available for you to add your favourite station, so it won't get lost in the midst of others. 

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15. CBN News-Balanced reporting & breaking headlines

It delivers the news from a positive and Christian perspective. There are free live channels in the app. The app delivers news mostly on anything Christian.

It could be the latest Christian music to things happening to Christians in different parts of the world.

The app includes a number of features, including the ability to view articles, a real-time breaking news feature and the ability to share stories on social media networks.

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16. Echo prayer

It is an app with the intention of assisting you in praying. It has a feature to enable you to add prayers, keep track of your prayers, and remind yourself to pray.

With this app, you can share your prayers with others. 

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17. Faithplay

It includes sermons, Christian broadcasts, and podcasts. You can listen to them for free and discover other faith-based programs.

It has a feature that allows you to search, subscribe, and download podcasts. 

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18. Daily prayer app by RethinkMeprayer app

It's a prayer app that contains morning, mid-day, evening, and late evening prayers. There is new content specifically for each day. 

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19. Inspirational Bible quote by WallsApp

It has a collection of quotes from the Bible. These quotes are wallpaper friendly. Inspirational quotes like this help us to be conversant with scriptures from the Bible. 

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20. #Bible: verse of the day. 

It contains daily Bible study and prayers. It has topics for each day that deal with the lives of people in the Bible in relation to our situation in life.

You can set notifications for when you want to use the app. The app has a background music feature and a story music feature.

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Obviously, you might not want to download all these apps, but you can download about 2-3 apps.

 How can these Christian apps be used correlatively?

The YouVersion HolyBible is a must-have and it's recommended for everyone. It can be used in correlation to any of these apps. 

1. Names and titles of God + Abide + Edifi podcast

2. Prayermate+verse of the day+Inspirational Bible quiz 

3. God's not dead + first 5 + echo prayer. 

4. She reads truth + whispers from God + Gospel flix

5. God's promises + TBN + IDisciple

6. All Christian radio station + daily prayer app + faithplay

7. CBN News + first 5.