10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria You Would Love

Published on: June 17, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

There are many tourist attractions in Nigeria that would keep you amused. Most of these places are well known and have been visited by people at home and from abroad. From east to the west, north and south, we have so many beautiful places in Nigeria that remind us of our cultural heritage and how blessed our land is.

Tourist attractions are places of interest and pleasure that people, usually called tourists visit due to their unique features, historical or cultural values or significance for sightseeing, amusement, exploration or even research.

Here are the 10 tourist attractions in Nigeria you would love and what makes them special and unique:

1. Yankari Game Reserve

Location: Bauchi State

The Yankari Game Reserve is a large conservative wildlife park situated in the northeastern part of Nigeria. A number of flora and fauna species and even warm water springs are found within the park which is about 866 square meters.

Yankari Game Reserve is one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in Nigeria
Yankari Game Reserve is one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in Nigeria.

In Yankari, tourists have the privilege of seeing the wild animals (e.g elephants, lions, chimpanzees, etc) in their natural habitat, going about their normal lifestyle and it is a good place for wildlife/outdoor photographers to take nice shots. It has served as the location for a few movie sets, local and even international.

The Yankari Game Reserve also has a number of side attractions like the Marshall caves, Dukkey wells, Wikki warm spring, historic attractions, museums, etc.

Yankari Wikki Warm Spring

2. Lekki Conservation Centre

Location: Lagos State

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The Lekki Conservation Center is a nature conservation centre founded in 1990 to protect endangered species of plants and wildlife (monkeys, rare birds, etc) from going extinct. It is bordered by the Lekki lagoon and has a 401-metre-long walkway which is the longest in Africa. It is managed and overseen by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation.

The centre is one of the most visited in Lagos and even Nigeria at large. With side attractions like volleyball courts, barbecue joints, floor games, family huts, nature station, tree station and so on, you're sure to have a swell time here.

3. Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls (Olumirin)

Location: Osun State

Olumirin waterfall is one of the most beautiful and interesting tourist attractions in Nigeria with a deep historical origin. It is said to have been founded by the first daughter of Oduduwa. It is a beautiful landscape with projecting hills and seven waterfalls that provide beautiful scenery of evergreen forest and streams.

The seven streams that form the waterfall are found in a progressive order each at a particular level displaying a new outlook and uniqueness. The environment is cool and refreshing and it is a good place to hike, swim or even meditate.


4. Ikogosi Warm Spring

Location: Ekiti State

The Ikogosi warm spring is one of the most amazing tourist attractions in Nigeria. It is situated in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It is made up of a warm spring and cold spring which flows and meets at a confluence and still retain their thermal property. Amazing right?! It is also generally believed that the spring was founded in 1950 by a Baptist missionary.

There is a beautiful landscape and walkway with an amazing view of green vegetation and well-natured scenery that leads to the spring confluence centre. It also offers a lodging house with amazing facilities for stay-in guests.

5. Idanre Hills

Location: Ondo State

The Idanre Hill also known as Oke Idanre is located in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It is an ancient city set upon a hill which serves as protection for its inhabitants. The Idanre Hills have a beautiful landscape, vegetation, the Arun and Thunder river, the old court, the ancient palace of Owa and so on.

Idanre Hills Nigeria - one of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria
Idanre Hills, Ondo State Nigeria - One of the tops tourist destinations in Nigeria

The journey to the top of the hill (682 steps and 5 resting spots) is not an easy one as it takes strong determination and resilience. You would need a lot of strength and water too to actually get to the top but it is worth the stress. The beautiful scenery from the top of the hill will make you forget the stress it took to get there.

6. Zuma Rock

Location: Abuja

The Zuma rock, one of the largest and highest monoliths in Africa is situated at Madala along the main road from Abuja to Kaduna. The rock is commonly believed to have been found and formerly called 'Zumwa' by the Zuba tribe in Niger state. It offers a clear view of the surrounding areas and did help to protect the Zuba people from invading tribes.

It has imprinted on it, human face features which are said to have been formed as a result of the runoff of water and it looks towards the direction of the setting sun. It is a good place for hiking but could be dangerous as the rocks are steep and slippery. There's a village situated behind the rocks which normally serves as a lodge for tourists or visitors.

7. Obudu Cattle Ranch

Location: Cross River State

Also known as the Obudu mountain resort, it is one of the most spectacular tourist centres not just in Nigeria but the whole of Africa. Located in the deep tropical region of Obudu, the ranch is blessed with green lush vegetation, a beautiful mountain area and a cool and calm scenery.

A few of its features are the swinging bridge or canopy walkway, the intestinal road view that leads to the top of the mountain, the V-shaped point of the valley known as the angel view, the magnificent Presidential Villa, the conservation forest and the grotto which is like a mini waterfall.

8. Badagry City

Location: Lagos State

Badagry in itself is a city of wholesome experience and tourist attractions and also one of the biggest in Nigeria. Right from the Badagry buildings to the beaches and even the slave museum, miracle well, the whispering palm resort, slave route or point, the Agiya tree monument and other mystic and amazing places.

It is an open secret the saying that Badagry is one of the finest cities with the most historical attractions in Nigeria. It even houses the first primary school, storey building and well in Nigeria. This well, often called the miracle well is said to have mystic powers that help women to conceive and singles meet their spouses once they drink from its water.

Badagry city reminds us so much of the era of the slave trade as it used to be the route to the place of no return as it is now called. All in all, Badagry city is a beautiful place to be.

9. Olumo Rock

Location: Abeokuta, Ogun State

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Olumo rock is one of the finest historical attractions here in Nigeria. It is a large mountain said to have been found by a famous Hunter. The rock served as a habitation and protection for the people of Abeokuta during the inter-tribal war in those days. A unique feature of the Olumo rock is the presence of a tree which is over 200 years and is said to never shed its leaves come rain come shine.
It is also a nice place for mountain climbing and has a few side attractions like the water fountain, museum, eatery and the tie and dye clothing market.

10. Tarkwa Bay Beach

Location: Lagos State

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Tarkwa Bay is a sheltered beach that offers a cool, quiet and serene environment to its visitors. It is a good spot for most kinds of water sports like swimming, jet skiing, water skiing, etc or you can decide to relax, lay on the beach sand and enjoy the view or take a nap.
It is a cool and fun place to hang out with loved ones or even have a picnic.

There are also vendors scattered around the beach ready to sell you their wares ranging from beach outfits to fruits, snacks and even a Cabana/chair. It is a perfect getaway or vacation spot for you and your family or friends.

Can you now see how blessed Nigeria is with all of these awesome, amazing and unique places which serve as tourist attractions?

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