10 Things To Know Before Getting A Dog

Published on: March 28, 2023 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Dogs are considered man's best companions, it is always a fine idea to have a furry friend around. Dogs are loyal and dependable! But there are important things to know before getting a dog and valid questions to ask yourself. Where would the dog sleep? What breed do you get? Taking care of a dog is a big commitment to take on. Dogs deserve love, time, and affection.

Below are 10 things you should know before getting a dog:

1. What Breed of dog to get

According to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), there are 360 officially recognized breeds of different species of dogs across the world.

Knowing what breed of dog to get should be the first step on your to-do list before getting a dog.

The breed to get would enable you to narrow down to specific needs of what such breed would require and which would be much more suitable to care for.

There are several ways to know the breed of dog to get, you could do an online search about dogs (but never buy a dog online), ask dog owners around you, or visit a veterinarian.

2. Do you have time for a dog?

Dogs are amazing creatures and they deserve your time
Dogs are amazing creatures and they deserve your time

Just like stated above, taking care of a dog is a big thing to take on. It's not like getting a car that you use anytime you feel like it.

Dogs are amazing creatures and they deserve your time. The highest number of hours to leave a dog is 4 hours. So you have to know if you would have the time to keep a dog.

 And whenever you would not be around, make sure you find someone responsible to look after your dog. Dogs are good companions but they also need company.

3. Taking care of a dog is a big commitment

A dog is like a family member. Getting a dog means adding another person to your family so your dog should be treated as part of the family. They would need a place to sleep amongst other needs.

If you are not ready to commit, then do not get a dog. A dog will not bathe, feed or take itself to see the vet doctor when it is sick. You would have to be ready to commit when you choose to own a dog.

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4. Know your budget

Do you have the financial means to manage a dog?

The cost of getting a dog comes with various expenses ranging from dog food to pet insurance.

Would owning a dog affect your finances? If yes, then do not get one as unexpected events might occur which might take a toll on your finances from caring for a dog.

But if your budget allows you to own, then go ahead, you will never feel sorry for bringing a canine friend home.

5. Pet-proof your home

When it's time to bring home your furry friend, it won't be nice running off to the vet home because your new friend incurred an injury on its first day home or some days into its arrival.

Sharp, harmful, and toxic objects such as chemical bottles need to be kept far from the reach of your dog. It is good to pet-proof your home before the arrival of your dog.

6. Choose the right kind of dog food

Dogs should not eat all kinds of dog food. Dog food comes in different kinds and categories. The breed of dog you have would determine the kinds of food your dog should eat.

They should be healthy too! If you are not too sure what kind of food your breed should consume, it is advisable to see a veterinarian.

7. You need a Veterinarian

Remember dogs are part of the family, you do not take your dog to see the veterinarian only when it is sick or incurs injuries from an accident.

Dogs require regular checks too. These checkups help you keep a track of your dog's healthy life.

Through visits to the vet, you get to know if your dog is in its best shape or if you need to improve in areas like food or hygiene.

8. Constant canine exercise

Oftentimes, you see your neighbors taking a walk or stroll with their dogs, it is a way of having them exercise.

Dogs should not just be kept at home all day, they need daily exercise once or twice a day.

9. Suitable dog treats and toys

Every dog deserves a good treat and appropriate safe dog toys to chew on. You have to look for the most suitable treats and toys just perfect for your dog.

You do not want to give your dog too many treats, it is unhealthy and can cause weight gain.

10. Train your dog

Training your dog is something you do not want to not do. There are certain good habits your dog needs to be taught such as learning to use the toilet.

Taking your dog out perhaps during an evening walk will have it familiarised with your neighborhood and with other dogs too. You could also shower them with praise.

Dogs are such sweet creatures to have around but they might be a burden if you do not know certain things before you choose to get one.