10 Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Published on: December 16, 2020 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

10 Simple Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones This Christmas
10 Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Truth be told, the year has been quite a tough one for everyone, in Nigeria and all over the world: from dealing with covid-19 to #endsars protest and back to another phase of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Here's the surprising thing about the year, as challenging as it has been, it's gone by so fast that we can't even believe that Christmas is only a few days away. However, there is a reason to be so joyful amidst all the difficulties, and guess what that is. It's a time to spend and share with all our loved ones.

No doubt, Christmas always brings with it so much excitement, and one of the best ways to keep that excitement going on longer is to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Get them gifts! I know, it's a little tasking to come up with gift ideas for people now and then. Well, I've got good news for you! Here's a list of 10 gift ideas that you can get your loved ones this season.

1. A customized mug

Gift ideas this Christmas
Create something personal for them

Getting a customized mug for your loved ones isn't much about the mug but the personalized message as well as the name or picture of the person you are gifting it to. You know everyone likes to feel special and knowing that you took the time to create something personal for them will make a difference.

2. Hamper

When you think of Christmas and the end of the year, what comes to mind more often? I'll tell you mine. It's food, and I'm pretty sure a majority of us share the same interest. So, imagine making this period extra special for your loved ones by sending them a basket of different food items. I'm sure of something; they'd love it.

3. Meal delivery box

Save your loved ones the stress of cooking yet enjoying an amazing meal by sending a meal delivery box from your local chef to them. Not only will you be making your loved ones happy, but you'd also be making your local chef excited by patronizing them. See? It's a win-win!

4. Tote bags

This is the season where families are going to be spending a lot of time at the parks, enjoying a great picnic and family time. Getting a tote bag for them to transport some of the items they'd be needing at the parks will be thoughtful of you, don't you think?

5. Journal

Christmas is a time to make memories with loved ones. Sending your loved ones a journal gift will give them a place to document all those special memories, and also write down some of their new year's plans.

6. A piece of artwork

You can consider sending your loved ones a piece of artwork as a gift. For instance, you could send them a beautiful panting or portrait of their city, their culture or themselves.

7. A piece of jewellery

Think of a beautiful wristwatch, bracelet, pendant, necklace or earrings and send to your loved ones this season. Getting a gift as special as this will mean a lot to them because people almost always wait to do things like this to others only on their birthdays, anniversary and the likes. So, sending them a piece of nice jewellery will make a lovely Christmas gift.

8. A travel pillow

No doubt, some people will love to travel to go spend the holidays with their family members. So, let's make their journey a little stressfree by getting them some of those cute, little travel pillows around.

9. A pair of sweatpants

Apart from the fact that the holidays are a time to enjoy more indoor time with our families, this period of covid-19 has added a lot of restrictions to outdoor time, making indoor time the best and wisest option for a time like this. So, yes, giving your loved ones a pair of comfortable clothing is a great idea.

10. Reusable masks

As a way of reminding your family members to stay healthy, get them some fancy reusable masks. I'm sure they'd thank you for it.

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