10 Fun Activities For Singles in Nigeria

Published on: December 23, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Fun activities for singles in Nigeria
Fun activities for singles in Nigeria

Things can get very lonely if you're single but it's unnecessary that you spend your whole time throwing a pity party for yourself. This article highlights fun activities for singles in Nigeria.

The article will focus solely on single people and even those who are going through a break-up or recovering from one. I will be giving fun tips and activities you can get engaged in.

Fun activities for singles in Nigeria

1. Take a trip

Nigeria is blessed with a lot of amazing resorts and ranches. So instead of spending the holidays in your room, you can book yourself a trip to any of the amazing resorts in Nigeria. Resorts like the Obudu Mountain Resort and Lekki Conservation Centre are open all year long and even offer special activities. This enables you to visit new places and also meet new people, who knows, you could just meet your next love interest on one of these trips.

2. Go clubbing


Nigeria has an assortment of beautiful clubs and lounges, especially for those who live in Lagos. There are different ranges of nightclubs and lounges you can go to have a great time. This gives you an opportunity to let loose, hang out with old friends and also make new ones.

3. Attend concerts

Nigeria is usually packed with different concerts. Instead of sitting at home to listen to sad music, buy a ticket to one or two concerts and go scream your lungs out.

4. Go see a movie

Yes, you might have Netflix but this is another excuse to sit on your bed and wallow away in self-pity. Treat yourself to a couple of new movies at the cinema instead, a great movie you can see is the new Spider-man: No Way Home.

5. Volunteer

Instead of thinking about yourself alone, you can decide to spend some time giving back to the less privileged. You can volunteer with an NGO and spend your time doing something good for society. You can also do some charity, visit the motherless babies homes and prepare food to distribute to the needy.

6. Have a house party

Another great way to distract yourself from loneliness and boredom is to invite your friends over for a house party. You can have each one of the invited guests bring an item of entertainment, each person could either bring a food item, drinks or games.

7. Treat yourself to a spa date

A spa date is a good fun activity for singles in Nigeria

After all the stress of the work year in which you might have actually neglected your body, this is a great opportunity to treat yourself to some much-needed spa date. Treat yourself to some manicure, pedicure, body scrub and a deep tissue massage to get out all the bad energy you might have accumulated.

8. Spend time with family

Being single period provides a good opportunity to spend quality time with family. It gives you the opportunity to reconnect and reminisce on the good old times with your family. It is also an opportunity to make new memories. You can spend time at the family house or plan a family trip where you can all visit a new location for the weekend.

9. Register at the gym

This gives you the opportunity to get into the best physical shape and also burn off all the unwanted calories. Physical training is one of the best activities for singles. Training not only puts you in a good shape physically but also keeps you in good mental shape.

10. Work on yourself

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, take this opportunity to develop your skillset, read a book or get a certification.

With all these exciting tips, you have no reason to feel alone or bored while you are single. Pick one of these helpful tips that fit your budget and go have a great time.