10 Christian Songs That Will Lift Your Spirits

Published on: July 13, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Christian Songs that Will lift your Spirits

Christian Songs that Will lift your Spirits

There's a saying that goes, "you are what you eat". In actual fact, we are as much of what we eat as we are, what we listen to. Music is undeniably a pathway to the soul as it oftentimes connects with our hearts in ways mere words can not. In this article, I have compiled a playlist of ten inspirational Christian songs that are guaranteed to brighten your day and put you in good spirits all day long.

As humans, we often find ourselves turning to music in different situations, perhaps to take our minds off certain things we're facing. In a short while, we realise that the reprieve it brings is temporary. Music may have power, but in the end, it's not living. This is where Christian music differs. The message and the lyrics are living because the source is living. Christian music not only leaves a lasting impact, but it also has the power to transform and bring solutions.

Below are ten Christan songs that are guaranteed to lift your soul and transform your life:

1. Excess Love by Mercy Chinwe

Produced by Dr Roy and released in 2018, Excesss Love emphasises the incomprehensible depth and magnitude of God's love for us, His children. Mercy Chinwe describes God's love as patient and kind and acknowledges how unworthy she is (we all are), of that love. Despite the simplicity of its lyrics, Excess Love is a song that resonates deep within the soul. If we sit down and consider the blessings He continues to shower on us in spite of our sinful nature, we'd realise that God does love us too much, much more than we deserve.

2. Too Faithful by Moses Bliss

"You are who you are yesterday, today and forever more..." In Too Faithful, Moses Bliss sings about the consistency, faithfulness and steadfastness of God. It is because of this faithfulness, and God's trueness to Himself, that He won't go back on his word and promises to us. When faced with trying or discouraging situations, we can encourage ourselves with the words and melody of Too Faithful. In the end, God will always be too faithful to fail us.

3. Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

Cory Asbury in this single describes the love God has for us as reckless. Although it may sound odd or even somewhat disrespectful at first, upon deeper meditation, we realise that God's love is in fact reckless, limitless and boundless. It's overwhelming, never-ending and always giving. Cory Asbury, with his Holy Spirit-inspired lyrics, reminds us that God is willing to go all out for us. We don't deserve it and if we're being honest, we'd never be able to earn it, but still, He continues to leave the ninety-nine others just to chase us down. Oh, the reckless love of God.

4. One on One by Dunsin Oyekan

Dunsin Oyekan does it again with One on One. In One on One, Minister Dunsin underscores the deliberateness and intentionality of God about us. God does not cluster us all together. He knows and deals with us personally, and addresses our individual needs because we're that important to Him. So whenever we need this reassurance, we can plug in One on One and confess the words with our mouths.

5. Control by Tenth Avenue

Control is a story-like Christian song about yielding and surrendering to God's lordship. The vocalist validates his willingness to let go, by acknowledging the undeserving love God has for him. This makes God the perfect choice to steer the wheels of his life. He talks about how he's tried this life thing on his own but has failed. He juxtaposes this with God's own plans of redemption, his good thoughts for him, for us, which can never fail.

6. Owner of the Key by Elijah Oyelade featuring Nathaniel Bassey

In this powerful song, the spirit-filled musical duo relay God to us as the owner of the keys to our lives and the final authority of our destinies. God is described as all powerful, all loving and indomitable, as such, when our lives are in his hands, we have absolutely nothing to worry about or be afraid of. With God, we can never be put to shame and this should give us the confidence to navigate this journey called life.

7. God on the Mountain by Lynda Randle

God on the Mountain is a Christian song that elucidates the existence of life in seasons; the mountain times, the valley times, the good times and of course, the bad times. This is something we all can relate to. Certainly, the valley times and the bar times are our least favourites. These bad times aren't designed to break us down or because God hates us, but rather to test and strengthen our faith in Him.

The God that came through for us in the good times, can we stand for Him even in the bad times? That's something to think about. She leaves us with this assurance; God is the God of every single season we're passing through and if we stand by Him, in due time, He will make all things well again.

8. All that Matters by Minister GUC

This is one of the most beautiful Christian songs that places Jesus right where He's meant to be, at the centre of it all. Minister GUC sings about how nothing else matters without God, not the cars, not the houses and definitely not the fame. After all, all these things are ephemeral and the Bible did tell us that the things we can see are all but temporal. These divinely crafted lyrics speak to the soul and help us to see the fleetingness of life and rearrange our focus on the things that truly matter.

9. Great Is Your Mercy by Donnie McClurkin

Released well over 20 years ago, Great Is Your Mercy is an evergreen song with an evergreen message. In this gratitude-invoking song, Pastor Donnie McClurkin sings of God's loving kindness and tender mercies that He continues to grace us with, day after day. This song is one to be listened to continuously, as it fills the heart with an unsurpassable peace that comforts you, regardless of what you're passing through.

10. Capable God by Judikay

Last but never least on this playlist of Christian songs that lift the spirit is Capable God by Judikay. "What is hard for you to do, it doesn't exist o, it can never ever exist o.." Judikay recognises God as the capable God by recounting a few of his mighty deeds from Biblical times. Like Judikay, we often should take time out to count and recount our blessings. The capable God that did it then, can definitely do it over and over again.